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Surf Coaching Program | 5 Days


  • 1 h 30 min
  • 500 euros
  • ERICEIRA | Place to be agreed


SURF LEVEL: Beginner Plus +++, Intermediate, and Advanced It's crucial to consult our SURF LEVELS to assess your ocean surf level. To participate in our Surf Coaching Program: . You have your surf equipment with you or know the size of surfboard you usually surf. . You must be able to move around the surf zone, stay in a busy lineup, paddle out, and duck dive. Not sure if you meet these requirements? No problem! Check out our Private Surf Lesson service. Our coach will stay on the lineup with you to assess your skills in the water and see if you're ready for high-performance coaching. WHAT WE OFFER . Expert coaching for intermediate to advanced surfers . Personalized instruction to improve technique and wave-catching . Private sessions for maximum focus and progress . Flexible coaching options to fit your needs . Increased confidence and surfing ability PRICE The Surf Coaching Program price is per person 5x surf coaching [1.5 hour duration] Private 1 coach to 1 or 2 surfers friends with the same surf level. Photos and video footage from the session In-depth Videos analysis Written coaching session record Certified surf coach | local surfer with over 40 years of surfing and is highly respected by the entire surfing community. SURF EQUIPMENT We recommend you have your surfboard with you. A full range of wetsuit and surfboard sizes are available. Our wetsuits and surf boots have a single daily use and are always washed and disinfected after each use. BOOKING We require a 50% deposit of the total amount to secure your booking. The 50% remaining should be in cash to your surf coach before your surf coaching. To perform the booking, the day you want to start your surf coaching program is the most important for us. The time you select is only a preference and will be confirmed by our surf coach based on your surf skills and the sea conditions on the day/date you're booking. Our Surf Coaching Program is designed to improve every aspect of your surfing to help you catch more waves and surf them better. For any questions, feel free to contact us! We are here to help you with your Surf Coaching booking.


For cancellations and rescheduling, please contact us 24 hours in advance so we can reschedule. For permanent cancellations, we will not refund any amount.

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