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Who we are

Vasco Dias surf coach

We are a family of surfers in Ericeira with over 30 years of surfing


The Extra Surf School comes to Ericeira as a partner of the prestigious surf brand Rip Curl.

We were the first surf school with a surf shop in Ericeira, in front of São Sebastião Beach, to satisfy all the needs of the surfers who came to this wonderful village. Since 2019, we have been fully committed to the surf school only.

Founded by Vasco Dias, a local surfer, Extra Surf School is based on his more than 30 years of surfing background and knowledge. Vasco’s passion and knowledge of surfing will come across in your surf lesson and you will get that expert instruction and excitement.

This is a surf school that was born to teach you to face all the challenges and make Surf an integral part of your life.

We want surf to become the battery charger that will leave you healthy and light day by day.

With the long experience and knowledge of surfing, we have managed to maintain the values that we want to have while surfing, as well as in our surf classes, differentiating ourselves from the other schools. We are one of the oldest schools in Ericeira, which continues to work with small groups and different surfing levels.

We are demanding with our team's choice so that we can provide the best surfing lessons in Ericeira.

For us, fast and effective learning of our students is our goal!


Our values are to teach surfing not as a mass sport, but as a personal fulfillment through the gratifying contact with the sea and the wonderful feeling of riding waves.

We believe that surfing goes beyond the sport itself, so we strongly insist on ecological and social components as well as in terms of relationships and ways of being in life.

We privilege the principle of reciprocity, we have great satisfaction in seeing our students happy and fulfilled.

" The passion that makes us surf is the same that we will use to teach you! "

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