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Our surf lessons are organized to maximize each student's potential according to their age, surf level, and relationship with the sea.

We wish all our students feel like surfers at the end of the 1st surf lesson!

We are a demanding team with our work and believe in what we do.

It is with great satisfaction that we turn your dream into reality.

The surf lessons can be purchased as a GROUP or in PRIVATE.

surf lessons Ericeira

. The best surf lessons/ surf coaching on Ericeira without a crowd from other surf schools.

. Always small groups, because we are surfers as well and we love what we do. 

. The best price-quality ratio.

. Coaches who surf every day.

. Coaches who are soul surfers and who like to teach surf genuinely with good vibes.

. Coaches who are able to transmit their knowledge professionally, based on the experience of long years of surfing and teaching.

. Certified coaches and local experient surfers who guarantee quality and safety in all our surf services.

. We privilege the principle of reciprocity, we have great satisfaction in seeing our students happy and fulfilled.

Our Surf Levels

For surfing with us, it's imperative to determine your level for ocean surfing based on our surf levels.


LEVEL 1 - Beginner

For those who never surfed before and want to start in this exciting sport safely and efficiently or just had a short surf experience.

LEVEL 2 - Beginner Plus - Beginner Plus +++

For those who already know how to surf in the foam/white water correctly (with the correct pop-up without the surf coach pushing) and want to start catching their waves on the outside or want to improve their surf skills and confidence on the outside, on the green waves, if the wave conditions allow it. This level of surfing is the broadest until reaching our intermediate surf level.

LEVEL 3 - Intermediate

For those who already surf regularly. The surfer has his hardboard, is fully aware of the type of sea he can surf, is self-sufficient, and wants to improve some fewer aspects of surfing, such as posture, style, and efficiency. 
At this level, we won't teach you how to surf. We'll help you surf better!

LEVEL 4 - Advanced

For those who want to elevate their surf performance or intend to enter the competition.

Be honest with yourself in your surf-level choice!

Our team is here to help you to surf better and raise your surfing to the next level.

Our Surf Equipment

We have several sizes of surfboards with different constructions, to provide an adequate evolution for the student.

The beginners' boards are soft boards and epoxy boards.​

We have the utmost concern for the cleanliness of our material.

The wetsuits and surf boots are always well-washed and disinfected with Rip Curl's product after each use. The daily use of wetsuits and surf boots is individual, meaning that the same wetsuit and surf boots will never be used by several people daily.

What we offer

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