Surf Coaching


  • 1 hour
  • 60 euros
  • ERICEIRA | Place to be agreed


Our approach to surf coaching is designed to improve every aspect of your surfing to help you catch more waves and surf them better. Your coaching starts before you even enter the water and ends with a photo and video analysis of your session. We offer surf coaching, in several different locations around Ericeira and Portugal's west coast. There is no better way to quickly advance your surfing than by having one surf coach who uses video analysis and stays with you in the water guiding your performance. Our surf coaching program is private, with 1 coach to 1 surfer. You can participate in this program if you have your own equipment (or if you know the size of the surfboard that you surf), if you can catch your own waves and stay in a busy lineup, you must be able to get around the surf zone, paddle to outside, duck dive, and catch your own waves. Our surf coach is a local surfer with over 30 years of surfing and is very respected by the entire surfing community. A full range of wetsuits and surfboard sizes are available to change during the surf coaching session. We schedule the surf coaching session for your surfing level, according to the right tide, wave, and wind conditions. Feel free to get in touch at (+351) 926603192 to discuss your ability level with our team. The schedule of your surf coaching session will be sent by email a couple of days before your arrival and we keep in touch by WhatsApp for any questions. To book the surf coaching, you have to pay 50% of the value and the rest will be paid in cash before you start the session. We are available for any questions you have!


For cancellations, please contact us 24 hours in advance so we can reschedule. For permanent cancellations we will not refund the reservation amount.