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Before you surf with us, you must determine your surfing level based on our surf levels. This will ensure you have the best experience with us, tailored to your skill level.

LEVEL 1 - Beginner

For those who never surfed before and want to start in this exciting sport safely and efficiently or just had a short surf experience.

LEVEL 2 - Beginner Plus-Beginner Plus +++

For those who already know how to surf in the foam/white water correctly (with the correct pop-up without the surf coach pushing) and want to start catching their waves on the outside or want to improve their surf skills and confidence on the outside, on the green waves, if the wave conditions allow it. This level of surfing is the broadest until reaching our intermediate surf level.

LEVEL 3 - Intermediate

For those who already surf regularly. The surfer has his hardboard, is fully aware of the type of sea he can surf, is self-sufficient, and wants to improve some fewer aspects of surfing, such as posture, style, and efficiency. 
At this level, we won't teach you how to surf. We'll help you surf better!

LEVEL 4 - Advanced

For those who want to elevate their surf performance or intend to enter the competition.

Be honest with yourself in your surf-level choice!

Our team is here to help you to surf better and raise your surfing to the next level.

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